Terms & Conditions

1. Cool Fashion Co. (the "Company"), wholesale only. Minimum charges in HKD1,000. 

2. Customers must place your order under our website. When placing oder, please click "update quantity" then click "checkout" to confirm.

3. An email will deliver within 24 hours to confirm your order. Which include the items, quality, price, transporation fees, handling fees, delivery information, total amount and the payment method, etc.

4. The invoice mentioned sales tax which is the Paypal Company's handling fees.

5. Customers need to pay the shipping cost in advance. Goods will delivery by 7-10 business days once payment confirmed.

6. All goods will be inspected and unable to returned/refunded.

7. If the quantity of stock cannot meet customers' orders. Customers could choose

    (i) choose the other items;

    (ii) to refund (via paypal only); or

    (iii) by using the remaining balance for next order.

8. All customers agree the above mentioned clauses and under the terms and conditions.

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